Dyslexiaville! How Peggy Stern Helps Dyslexic Kids Thrive!
 with Dr. Michael Hart and Peggy Stern
Listen to my delightful discussion with Academy Award-winning (and dyslexic) producter, Peggy Stern. In this recorded conversation, Peggy talks about her own experience with dyslexia, how that led her to create Dyslexiaville and all the amazing insights she's learning from her student actors!

Peggy is the founder and CEO of Dyslexiaville, a multimedia resource focusing on social and emotional learning for children with dyslexia and attention issues.

Dyslexiaville.com is such a unique and sorely needed resource for kids to create their own online community where they can celebrate their strengths and share their common experiences as kids with learning and attention issues.
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About Peggy Stern
Founder & CEO
Peggy Stern is an Academy Award-winning film Producer/Director with more than 30 years experience. Her dyslexia led her to filmmaking and animation at a young age, and in March 2006 Stern won the Oscar for Best Animated Short.

Stern has produced for PBS, HBO, Teachers College at Columbia University, The National PTA, and National YWCA among others.

She received her BA from Harvard University and her senior thesis film STEPHANIE, was turned into a PBS documentary Special and broadcast nationally.

Dyslexiaville is a family affair, as her dyslexic daughter Emma has been a key advisor!
Parent/Teacher Guide to Dyslexiaville:

• Dyslexiaville produces research-based, original programming that builds social and emotional learning.

• Short-form narrative series feature real kids with learning differences sharing real-life strategies for home and school.

•Kids feel a sense of belonging in a community of other kids with learning differences.

• Content helps to de-stigmatize learning differences, providing an antidote to the loneliness and low-self esteem.