Structure Word Inquiry (SWI):
It's Not Either/Or...It's Also!

In the dyslexia world, the introduction of SWI as an instructional approach has been met with a fair amount of misunderstanding. 

What is it?  How do use it as an instructional approach for dyslexia?

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I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Emily O’Connor, a brilliant, delightful learning specialist in Portland, Oregon.  She works with dyslexic kids in both math and reading and, in the last several years, has developed a passion and expertise in what’s called Structured Word Inquiry (SWI). 

In the interview, Emily does a wonderful job telling us about SWI, how it works AND gives us a real-time example of a mini-lesson. 

We’re also providing several links to the leading SWI researchers and practitioners on the viewing page of our free video.